Dean Speech

Our environment is a highly variable world due to natural and human pressures that have emerged since early times and are still growing rapidly. This resulted in the phenomenon of pollution, which reflected negatively on the composition of environmental systems and their functions at large rates and has become of great interest and intensive research attention because the impact is greater than previously thought, which come into view to be one of the main factors affecting every part of the globe.

The Faculty of Environmental Sciences was established as one of the faculties of Al-Qasim Green University to be a leading college in the field of environmental specialization in Iraq. It includes three scientific departments: Environment, Environmental Pollution and Environmental Health. In addition to the unit of Environmental Safety and Security, the Graduate Studies Unit and the Environmental consulting office. Since its foundation, the College has sought to establish activities, seminars and courses in the environmental field at the local and international levels. in conjunction with the continuous efforts to provide the best and superior of classrooms and laboratories facilities along with the most modern laboratory equipments in addition to the team of experienced and well qualified and specialized staff to support a high level of research and learning efficiency. Such efforts able to graduate specialized staff in environmental sciences to protect the community through the adaptation of scientific expertise and professional skills of environmental performance under the job title of a health researcher.

The environmental health researcher is qualified to conduct the necessary environmental tests for the protection and development of the Iraqi environment. According to our future plans, the College aims to spread out the culture of scientific research, excellence and invention by stimulating the staff and students to follow the practical scientific approach to come up with appropriate solutions to protect the environment.

Dean of College of Environmental Sciences