College Targets and Future Vision


The College of Environmental Sciences is dedicated to generate and disseminates knowledge for the sustainable use of nature and managed environment through the theoretical and practical educational fields. The college seeks to attract students who are interested in environmental specialization to contribute effectively to serve society through protection and improvement of the Iraqi environment.


Contributing to the scientific knowledge of the environmental and practical application needed to keep pace with the accelerating challenges in the Iraqi environment through a number of specialized staff in the field of environmental technologies, environmental pollution, sustainable development and environmental health


1- Educating students at all levels, involving them in the research process to foster their education and preparing them to identify and solve environmental problems .

2- Conducting research that contributes to describe and identify environmental problems..

3- Establishing cultural and academic relations with environmental organizations, locally and globally.

4- Offering an array of training courses for the development of analytical skills, focusing in-depth in understanding environmental problems.

5- Providing training courses designed to increase the environmental awareness at the private and public levels.